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Gaddon Automated Test Solutions

Test Solution Design:  

From initial concept through Test Procedure Solution (TPS) to hardware design and through life support of all your testing requirements.

Test Procedure Design:  

One of the most  time consuming aspects of Test Solution is the procedure design, Test Procedure Solution (TPS).  With the complexity of modern systems it is necessary to look at all aspects of the Testing envelope to ensure a suitable and cost effective solution.

Gaddon can design your Test Procedure Solution.

We have designed manual test procedures for engineer operated conformity and serviceability checks and top level automated procedures prior to program coding (carried out by an associated company).

Since every Test Procedure is different we use various methodologies for the procedure design and test analysis to ensure you get the solution you need with the information to allow the procedures to be updated as and when required.  This allows us to find where fixtures and procedures can be used within different TPSs.

Test System Migration:

For many companies the first and maybe second-generation ATE systems are coming to the end of their life and need replacing.  The comprising items are obsolescent or maybe obsolete, the software no longer runs on modern operating systems or the system in incompatible with upgrades.

The decision to bring in new ATE systems is often a very expensive, with the cost on the new design, new software and new test fixtures and procedures as well as training for staff on software packages.  If the solution does not match your requirements the additional costs are also high.  

We work with major ATE manufacturers and our customers include the UK MoD, DS&TE and DECA (was DSG)  to carry out system analysis, TPS design and design support as well as migration of test software and the design and re-use of fixtures.  

By making sure that your needs are correctly identified, that the design makes allowances for upgrades (e.g. using IVI drivers) and top level test procedures are accurately and suitably written to allow for TPS migration and recoding, your new ATE system can be given a confident degree of future proofing.

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