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What is it?

 As Digital Modulation  techniques are frequently combined in the RF digital applications  this course will a look at the methods in common use. The mathematics are kept to a minimal as this course is aimed at personnel who need an understanding of the methods and techniques but not in the complex design aspects.

The RF digital techniques course is a Tutor led course covering many of the Digital techniques used in the Radio Frequency spectrum. This training course is designed to give engineers new to the RF and digital modulation field background knowledge to allow them to carry out their duties efficiently and with a good understanding of the techniques used.

By the end of the course the candidate will understand the different techniques, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the appropriate modulation scheme for specific tasks.

This course can be run on-site or as an open course worldwide. The tutors are all RF engineers with extensive experience and an understanding of the situations that may be met in the field.  They bring their experience and broad knowledge to make the training courses both interesting and relevant.

Applicable Systems This list is not exhaustive:

Mobile Communications Systems, Digital Wireless Systems, RFID, Data Transfer Systems.

Who is it for?

The Digital Modulation and Frequency Division Techniques Course is suitable for the following:
Sales staff, Sales engineers, Field engineers, Application engineers, Engineering management, Project management, and any staff who are likely to have an digital aspect to their role.

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Basic RF principles, AM, FM Phase Modulation, Phase Shift Keying (PSK)

Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), QPSK

IQ modulation

Spectrum analyzer operation for digital RF signals

Digital formats

Frequency and Time division techniques.

RF Digital Techniques

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