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Introduction to Electronic Warfare and Electronic Counter Measures

Communications and Radar Seminars

In this modern age of data links, wireless systems and unintentional RF transmissions the ability to monitor, decipher and block signal use as well as to recognise when this is happening can be critical in both the Military and Civilian Spheres.

Gaddon offers several  options:

1. One day ECM Communications Seminar, looking at techniques for communication intercept, direction finding, protection techniques and spectrum denial. Candidates will receive a copy of Electronic Warfare, Receivers and Receiving Systems by Richard A. Poisel (book review)

2. One day ECM Radar Seminar, looking at techniques for radar signal detection and identification, denial systems and deception. Candidates will receive a copy of Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles by Paul J. Hannen

3. Two day combined Communications and Radar seminar covering all the topics in the one day seminars and including a look at the various test equipment that can be used in the electronic warfare field.

4. Four day Radar principles and Radar ECM techniques.

Gaddon can also offer bespoke training courses designed to suit your requirements and include; Training Needs Analysis, Course design and presentation, training literature as required.

Please note due to the security considerations in the ECM field only unclassified material is used and discussed during open courses by Gaddon trainers.  

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