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RF Engineering Modules

RF Electronics:

1. Passive Components; resistors, capacitors, Inductors operation at RF frequencies.

2. Passive components; Filters basics, Filters design, matching

3. Passive components: Couplers

4. Passive components :Mixers

5. Passive components : Signal combiner

6. RF Transformers; Basics, Impedance Transformation, Balun

7. RF Transmission Lines, operation, Impedance matching, delays

8. Active Components; Amplifiers

9. Active components; Oscillators, Low Frequency, Microwave

10. Modulation; Basics  (AM, FM, PM, FSK, PSK Digital)

11.  Modulation; Advanced  (QAM, IQ, multiple modulation layers)

12. Multiplexing; FDM, TDM, OFDM, COFDM

13. Noise Ambient; Definition and noise reduction techniques

14. Noise Induced; Definition and noise reduction techniques

15. Transmitter; Basic Schematics

16. Transmitter; Signal conditioning techniques

17. Receiver; Basic Schematics

18. Receiver; Signal conditioning techniques

19. RF Transmission Theory

20. RF test equipment; Oscilloscope

21. RF test equipment; Signal generator operation

22. RF test equipment; Power meters

23. RF Test Equipment: Spectrum Analyser

24. RF Test Equipment; Network Analyser

25. RF Test Equipment; Up/down convertors

26. LTE principles

EMC for Maintainers:

27. Electromagnetic Fundamentals

28. Electrostatic basics

29. EMC filter techniques

30. EMI prevention

31. Measuring/finding EMI using RF test equipment

32. EMI fault finding and solutions


33. Radar theory; range equation

34. Radar pulse techniques

35. Airborne Radars; general

36. Ground Radars; general

37. Naval radars; general


38. GPS operation and techniques

39. Ground system navigations

40. Magnetic navigation

41. Inertial Navigation

Laser Systems

42. Laser Safety

43. Laser theory

44. Laser ranging and guiding; techniques

Electronic Counter measures

45. ECM; basic theory

46. ECM; techniques Passive

47. ECM techniques Active

48. ECCM…….