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What is it?

This 5 day course is based on a modular principle and covers the principles and techniques of RF engineering to a greater depth than the Introduction to RF engineering course.

RF Engineering covers signal production techniques, Modulation methods, Aerial and antenna systems transmission techniques, EMC/EMI and E3 considerations as well as the uses of RF engineering. This also includes the techniques and uses of various RF Test equipments.

Due to the course topics there is a degree of mathematics knowledge required including: Trigonometry, Algebra, Basic Calculus and an understanding of international standard nomenclature for sizes and powers.

Who is it for:

Engineers and managers who have close contact with RF systems. Personnel who wish for a more in depth understanding of RF engineering for career progression

Applicable Systems:

Most RF based systems including: Communications, wireless systems, signal manipulation systems, Avionics, Radar, EMC, EMI and E3.

Please note, as there is a significant amount of practical work and test equipment involved within the course the open courses will currently be run in Leeds or Portsmouth.  For on-site courses worldwide please contact us for suitability. On-site courses include a pre course Training Needs Analysis to allow for the 5 days to tailored to meet requirements thanks to Gaddon Modular RF training techniques.

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Radio Frequency Engineering (5 day)

Radio Frequency Engineering 5 Day Syllabus

Please note: this is an indication as the course is adapted to suit your requirements.

Day 1

Introduction, Basic RF Safety, Frequency Spectrum, dB, RF Power, RF Signal Characteristics, EMI basics. Use of general RF test equipment

Day 2

Transmitter theory (schematic), Receiver theory (schematic), RF Applications, Noise

Day 3

RF signal production, signal conditioning, EMI, Software Defined Radio

Day 4

Modulations Techniques, Multiplexing Techniques, Applications, Transmission lines

Day 5

RF Transmission theory, Aerials and Antenna, Path losses, Link budgets

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Quectel M10 EVB with M95 Quad band GSM/GPRS for practical demonstrations

eRIC RF Transceiver Module used for demonstrations of RF techniques

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Sydney 24th- 28th October