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What is it?

The ‘Radio Frequency engineering Fundamentals’ course is an overview of various RF techniques and  provides an understanding of the key issues and options  in RF systems. The course is modular in design so can be adjusted to suit customer requirements, such as a greater depth for frequency bands, modulation techniques, etc.

Who is it for?

Using the minimum of mathematics RF engineering Fundamentals is aimed at Managers, Engineers Sales Staff  and other non technical personnel either as a complete RF course or as a gateway course towards more in-depth  Radio Frequency training courses covering more specific RF engineering aspects.

All attendees are expected to have a general understanding of basic electronics theory (school level)  and SI units (kilo, Mega etc) however all the terms used during the course are explained.  

Courses Available

Gaddon runs several open courses a year for individuals in the UK (Sheffield) USA (Boston and Austin) and Australia (Melbourne and Canberra). We also offer on-site courses at time and location to suit your requirements. For more information please contact us via e-mail

Applicable Systems  Please note this list is not exhaustive:
RF Identification (RFID), Communications systems, Wireless systems, including
wireless sensors, RF measurement, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic/Radio Interference (EMI/RFI.)
The course is designed to give an understanding that is applicable to
any RF project from very Low frequency to high microwave.


Day one:

Safety: Course Safety, RF Safety (general).

Frequency Spectrum Overview

RF signals


RF Power; Bandwidth, dB, Using dB

RF Power measurement

Transmitter / Receiver Block Diagram; Block descriptions

Discussion, block diagram within applications, Wireless systems, RFID, EMC

Noise; Inherent, Gausian, External, Cosmic.

Oscillators; Accuracy, Harmonics, Noise.

Signal Generators


Day two:

Modulation; AM, FM, PSK, QAM, IQ.



Spectrum analysers

Amplifiers; Power, High Gain

Network analysers

Transmission Lines; Theory, Coax, Frequency dependent

Transmission theory

Free Space Loss; Inverse square Law

Aerials; Operation, Types, Aerial Gain

Path losses

Link budgets

Course raised queries .

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 Radio Frequency Engineering Fundamentals (2 day)

RF Experiment workstation

Lissajous’s figure

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AM Modulation in Time domain

AM Modulation in Frequency Domain

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