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Radio Frequency Testing Facility Hire

Gaddon can now offer access to our Radio Frequency engineering workshop facilities and RF engineering personnel support on a daily basis at our South  Yorkshire Radio Engineering Workshop.

Our RF workshop can source signals up to 8GHz (12GHz using upconversion) and measure up to 6 Ghz as standard with frequency and power measurements up to 26GHz. We offer calibrated and calibration checked equipment for use depending on project need.

Due to the location ambient RF is at a very low level (please see the spectrum analysis above) allowing for high accuracy small measurements and pre compliance testing without a Faraday Cage

We have various test equipment available from Pulse Generators to Vector Network Analysers  as well as ancillary items such as RF mixers, combiners, attenuations,  RF loads and cabling, adaptors including BNC, SMA and N type.

Static Sensitive Devices

You can also have access to the Static Sensitive Device Facilities and basic soldering facilities for minor repairs and small scale circuit production

We can carry out component and system analysis, minor repairs and pre-compliance testing for EMC/EMI characteristics.

A Gaddon specialist engineer will be on hand to offer advice and support where needed as well as access  to Gaddon’s extensive Electronic Engineering Library carrying many of the RF based publications and IEEE RF, Communications and Microwave publications.

Hire of an RF workstation

For smaller projects or repair to RF and electronic systems you can hire a workstation rather than the full facility. All the appropriate test equipment will be powered up and have completed the warm up cycles so you can get to work without delay.  Additional test equipment and components (RF mixers, combiners, attenuators etc),can be made available at a small additional charge.

All Gaddon personnel will be subject to suitable Non Disclosure Agreements to allow the design and testing of new products.

We carry stock of many general purpose components, op amps, resistors capacitors etc and can usually source any specific component required within 48 hours

For short term projects a cost effective alternative to hiring the test equipment individually.

Our fees are based on project time, support and equipment required.

For more information please contact us

Or Phone  01226 766999.

Electrostatic workbench

Low Frequency and USB test equipment bench

Configurable High Frequency RF bench

Radio Frequency Engineering workshop Support

At our RF facilities, near Penistone, South Yorkshire, we carry out testing on electronic systems for pre compliance testing, general testing, equipment specification, Calibration confirmation or fault finding and repair.

Equipment repairs include Amplifiers, Guitar amplifiers, Electronic Test equipment, Computer Systems and some laptops.  For other items please give us a call and we can advise you if it falls within our capabilities.

We offer a collection service, within 40 Miles of our facility, e.g, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield Chesterfield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster, where we will collect the equipment, carry out initial assessment and then quote a repair fee.  Once the repair is carried out we will return the equipment to you with a 3 month guarantee on the repair.

Contact: 01226 766999 or email