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Radio Frequency Engineering workshop Support

Gaddon has facilities to carry out testing on electronic systems for both pre compliance testing and for general testing or repair.

We can source signals up to 15GHz (using upconvertors)

Signal and spectrum analysis up to 6GHz

We have pulse generators (50MHz) and Arbitrary waveform generators

Vector Network Analysis up to 3GHz

 500MHz Logic analyser capabilities.

For more information please contact us on 01226 766999 or e-mail

Frequency accuracy comparison using lissajou’s figure and a calibrated signal source.

When the circle is rotating slowly the two signal sources are within 1Hz of each other.

Radio Frequency Test bench Hire

Gaddon can now offer access to our Radio Frequency engineering workshop facilities and RF engineering personnel support at our Yorkshire Radio Engineering Workshop.

Our RF workshop can source signals up to 2.5GHz (7.5GHz using upconversion) and measure up to 6 Ghz as standard. We offer calibrated and calibration checked equipment for use depending on project need.

We have various test equipment available from Pulse Generators to Vector Network Analysers  as well as ancillary items such as RF mixers, combiners, attenuations,  RF loads and cabling, adaptors BNC, SMA and N type.

Static Sensitive Devices

You can also have access to the Static Sensitive Device Facilities and basic soldering facilities for minor repairs and small scale circuit production

We can carry out component and system analysis, minor repairs and pre-compliance testing for EMC/EMI characteristics.

A Gaddon RF engineer will be on hand to offer advice and support where needed and access is available to Gaddon’s RF engineering Library carrying many of the RF based publications and IEEE RF, Communications and Microwave publications.

Hire of an RF workstation

If you hire the workstation once your requirements are known all the appropriate test equipment will be powered up and have completed the warm up cycles so you can get to work without delay.

For short term projects a cost effective alternative to hiring the test equipment individually.

Our fees are based on project time support required and equipment required.

For more information please contact us

Or Phone  01226 766999.