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Electronic and Radio Frequency Projects

Gaddon offers specialist support in the following fields:

Radio Frequency engineering:  From Low frequency RF devices through to Ghz requirements. Covering communications, radar and Electronic Counter measures.

RF workshop facilities

Gaddon’s RF workshop facility is based near Penistone in South Yorkshire in an RF quiet position making it suitable for precomplience and system specification analysis.>more

Project Support (RF and Electronics):

With the prevalence of Radio Frequency (RF) applications entering the mainstream of general engineering, RFID tags, Wireless systems, Bluetooth etc, it becomes harder to cover all the engineering aspects. We have worked on projects for both civilian and military customers from designing the RF aspects of a system to design and  supplying  through life technical support for a complex RF based test solution.

RF Research:

Gaddon can undertake short term research from system evaluations using our test equipment to specifying and sourcing RF components for your project. Gaddon can undertake simple queries to complex evaluations.  

Our permanent Lab includes Signal generators, Vector Signal Analysers, Spectrum Analysers covering up to 14GHz.  We can cover higher parameters if required.

Systems Analysis:

With new requirements it is important to ensure that the initial specifications are accurate, in fact an error in the early specification can become very costly in later modifications and redesign.

There are many Needs Analysis techniques, all varying in their effectiveness depending on the circumstances.  Gaddon will use the best available, from NAOMIE through to MoD Integrated Logistic Support, each tailored to suit your requirements and needs.

Gaddon offers support for your projects on several levels, from carrying out a full needs analysis and produce a system specification that can then be used as a basis for tender requests to an overview of projects to evaluate specification changes due to availability of more complex test solutions and the emergence of new testing techniques. Our specifications have been used with customers including the MoD and Teledyne to produce solutions that accurately match the needs.

Gaddon will assess your project  and then advise on the suitable techniques , in a short report format, including a quote and expected timescale.

For assistance with your RF and electronic needs please contact us

We can offer several support options including:

1. As, and when require, Support charged at competitive rate just for the time expended.

2. Guaranteed availability, specified as a minimum of work hours per month over periods of 6-12 months, e.g. 20 hrs per month.

3. Short term placement, either 100% availability or on-site placement of an engineer.

Gaddon can offer you the short term (less than 6 months) RF support you require more efficiently than taking on new staff or contract engineers with less overheads.

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Analysis of Quectel M95 and M10 EVB for use in Gaddon training courses