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Systems and Equipment Analysis

System analysis covers all aspects of engineering from the operation of equipments to the procedures used to design and build them.  As such system analysis is often described as being extremely complex, which it can be.  However the basic premise for a system analysis is actually simple, although please do not equate ‘simple’ with ‘easy’.

System analysis is the process of identifying, collecting, collating and then interpreting facts so that any inherent problems may be identified.  Then the resultant information can then be used to redesign or place controls.

When looking at RF systems the collection of information falls into three areas:

1. Inputs, what are the system inputs including power supplies, external inputs from other systems both intended and unintended, operating conditions and operational parameters.

2. Outputs both intended and unintended (Electromagnetic Interference and mechanical interference).

3. Internal processes to turn 1. Into 2.

Often the system analysis is carried out when producing testing parameters.  During the design phase of a system every aspect of operation is tested to a high detail to ensure the design is actually working.  However when the testing is moved into a production environment time becomes a more pressing requirement.  For example if a radio is designed to transmit over a large number of frequencies and modulation types e.g 220-330MHz in 25KHz steps for design you would want to check all parameters at each frequency i.e 440 frequencies for each parameter, however in a production line test it may be only necessary to test the centre frequency of each band and the limit frequencies, if they are within tolerances it may be acceptable to assume all outputs are within tolerance.

Gaddon has regularly been called upon to carry out reverse engineering analysis on legacy equipments where the manufacturers no longer exist and to use the results to specify a suitable serviceability procedure or to migrate the equipment onto Automated Testing Platforms (ATP) away from stand alone special to type test sets.

Using our well equipped RF facility in South Yorkshire we can carry out system analysis on many RF systems for both operational and Pre compliance analysis.

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