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Gaddon Technical Training

Gaddon offers the following Technical Courses:

Radio Frequency Engineering Seminar: Scheduled and bespoke course

A 1 day seminar covering basics of RF engineering, using two everyday uses to RF to explain principles. Includes demonstrations of RF effects.

Radio Frequency(RF) Fundamentals:  scheduled and  bespoke course

A 2 day course covering general term descriptions, operation of radio systems, RF effects problems and solutions, choice and use of  RF test equipment. For Managers, Engineers, Sales staff and anyone who has an RF engineering aspect to their work. More>

Radio Frequency Engineering: bespoke course either 5 days (1 week) or 5 separate days over 2 or 3 weeks

A 5 day course giving in depth explanations of RF techniques, effects and test equipment. This course is tailored to suit  individual customer requirements using Gaddon’s modular subject training system. For Managers, Engineers, Sales staff and anyone who requires a deeper understanding of RF engineering techniques. More>

EMC/EMI/E3 for engineers: scheduled and  bespoke course

A 1 day course covering the effects of EMI/EMC on RF systems, Personnel and other equipments including effect analysis, use of test equipment and solutions. For Managers, Engineers, Sales staff and anyone who has an EMC/EMI aspect to their work.  This course is aimed at personnel who meet EMC problems during system integration and normal operational use. More>

Radar Techniques: scheduled and  bespoke course

A 1 day seminar on general radar techniques covering CW, pulsed, multi frequency and passive systems. For Managers, Engineers, Sales staff and anyone who has a need to understand basic radar techniques and terminology in their work. More>

RF Digital Techniques: scheduled and  bespoke course

A 1 day seminar on the general techniques transmitting digital information over an RF system, including IQ, QAM and spread spectrum techniques. For Managers, Engineers, Sales staff and anyone who has an RF aspect to their work More>

Electronics Counter Measures ::scheduled and  bespoke course

Two one day seminars covering the ECM fundamentals and techniques in the Communications and Radar fields.  The two seminars can be combined into a 2 day course if required. More>

4 day  Radar Electronic Warfare course looking into the various techniques and capabilities of Radar EW systems.>More

Programming Basics: :scheduled and  bespoke course

A two day course looking at the design structure required to produce high quality Test Program Solutions and is independent of any programming language. More>

Please note with effect from 11 March 2015 all Gaddon courses run in Australia will be run by Gaddon Australia Pty.

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New ½ day courses

With our new workshop facility Gaddon can offer ½ day courses for up to 6 personnel on Test equipment use and basic RF and Electronic engineering Courses will be run at our facility near Penistone South Yorkshire.

Signal Generation and Signal Generators

Oscilloscope Basics

Oscilloscope advanced

Spectrum analyser Basics

Spectrum analyser intermediate

Spectrum Analyser Advanced

Power Meter operation

Vector Network Analyser Basics

Vector Network Analyser intermediate

Vector Network Analyser Advanced

Pulse Generators

Courses are run on demand for a minimum of 3 personnel, maximum 6.  For details and costs please contact us.

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